Darryl & Alyshia
vegas 2011

Darryl & Alyshia:

Getting Hitched in Vegas!

After 10 years of togetherness, we are getting married in Las Vegas on Saturday, September 24, 2016! We are excited that many of you are joining us and we look forward to celebrating our nuptuals with everyone here AND in Vegas!

Our Story

We met on September 24, 2006 after having spent just a few hours "chatting" online. Maybe there was some chemistry there from the beginning but ever since meeting that day at Tim Horton's in Kitchener, we've pretty much been together. Tyler was born that November, only 2 months later, adding more excitement to life!

We moved in together in the fall of 2008 which brought our relationship to a new level of commitment. Can't believe it's been almost 10 years and all that we've been through and done together. It may have taken us years and years to find each other but we both know it just feels so right; we were meant to be.

Venus - Vegas!

Our first trip to Las Vegas together was for Alyshia's 30th birthday in May 2009 (see pics). We wanted to do something BIG to celebrate the birthday milestone. Vegas seemed like the perfect place and we fell in love (with Vegas, not only each other!). Since then we've been lucky enough to go back to Vegas 3 more times. It's our favourite place to holiday - so much to see and do and so much poker to be played! We are really excited to be getting married in our favourite place on the 10 year anniversary of our meeting.

The wedding will take place at the Golden Nugget on Freemont Street. One of our favourite places to stay and visit. We have stayed here before and the hotel is a reasonable size (not too big and not too small) and wait until you see the pool! There is a shark tank in the middle of the pool with a water slide going through it! Awesome! The Golden Nugget also has one of our favourite restaurants: The Grotto. Our reception will be held there after the ceremony. It boasts yummy Italian fare that won't disappoint.

Things To Do

This is Vegas baby, so the list of "things to do" is endless! However, Freemont Street specifically (right outside the GN hotel) is a great location. Right outside the doors of the hotel is a wonderland of awe. Freemont street is a lively area (especially at night) with street performers, live music, and all kinds of crazy "characters" walking around. At night, there is a music and light show every hour projected on the covered roof of the street - you really need to see it to believe it. In addition, there is a zip line on Freemont street that we're hoping to try out for the first time.

About a 15 minute cab ride or 25 minute bus ride from "old downtown", Freemont Street, is the famous Vegas strip. On the strip the list of 'things to do' is truly endless (a link to get you started).

Some Tentative Ideas of Things We Are Going To Do. Any/All are welcome to join us.

Thursday Night: Freemont Street Zip-Line (video)

Friday: "Pawn Stars" / "Rick's Restoration" / "Counts Kustoms" tour

Friday Night: Carrot-Top comedy show at the Luxor Hotel

Saturday: Wedding!

Saturday Night: Group outing to a Cirque du soleil show?

Sunday: Taking Tyler to "Circus Circus" Arcade (video)

Gift Ideas

updated July 4, 2016

We've been asked about bridal shower gifts. Although your best wishes is more than enough we know people still like to buy gifts. Instead of registering at one store, which "pigeon-holes" people into buying from a specific store, we've compiled a list of easy gift ideas; things we could use for our home.

- hand towels for powder room (taupe/brown) (embellishments are OK)

- cookie sheet / jelly roll pan

- muffin tins

- round pizza pan

- every-day gravy boat/pitcher

- electric vegetable steamer (any brand but for example)

- new RubberMaid set (this one looks good)

- 2 bed-side lamps (grey/taupe/neutral)

- a little outdoor table to go between these chairs

- metal corner shower caddy (such as this one)

Vegas 2011 - Golden Nugget

May 2009 - Posing outside the MGM Grand Chapel.


Outside the Nugget in 2009.

"Pawn Stars" shop - 2013

Literally the only photo we took of ourselves

in Vegas 2015 at the Luxor after the Carrot-Top show.

2011 - $1,000,000 at Binion's on Freemont

November 2015

Not Vegas, just a nice selfie of us.

Our little nuclear family - November 2015

* If you're looking for a gift-card idea, may we suggest LEON'S as we plan to purchase a new fridge and stove/oven within the first year of marriage.

If you have any questions about gifts, please email Sara ( and she'll get the info you need without giving away any surprise.

We look forward to celebrating our wedding with you all in the upcoming months.


Alyshia & Darryl / Marty

"Official" Engagement Photo

February 2016