Alyshia D. Bestard
Honours B.A (Sociology)
B.Ed. (Education)
M.A. (Sociology)
PhD Candidate (Sociology)

writing & research

Bestard, Alyshia D. (2008) Feederism: an exploratory study into the stigma of erotic weight gain. MA thesis. Waterloo, ON: University of Waterloo

Fat Sexuality: The Desexualization and Oversexualization of the Fat Woman (January 2007)

Diminishing Bodies: Understanding Overweight Women's Devotion to Weight Loss Through the Panopticon

Speak No Evil: The Language of Obesity (April 2002)

"Deviant Women: The Fat Body." (April 11, 2002)

"The Internet As A Basis for Social Change" (2002)