Alyshia D. Bestard, B.A., B.Ed., M.A. 
Ecommerce, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Content Creation, Design, Strategic Planning


industry writing samples

1.  Read my "current" blog on blogger.

2.  "Bigger Loser Corporate Newsletter" - A 6-week newsletter I designed for our @work weight loss challenge in 2015.
Week 1        Week 4
Week 2        Week 5
Week 3        Week 6

3.  See my blog posts at "Things Engraved" from 2013-2016.

university research samples 

Exploring How Parents Structure Their Children’s Out-of-School Time - PhD Dissertation Proposal (November 2011)

Assessing the Criteria of Virtual Community SOC 789-Sociology of Online Community (June 2009)

What Motivates Students to Pursue Higher Education? SOC 712-Sociology of Education, McMaster University (April 2009)

Husting, Gaming, and Femaling: Examining the Validity of the Generic Social Process of Involvements - Sociology 714 (October 2008)

Bestard, Alyshia D. (2008) Feederism: an exploratory study into the stigma of erotic weight gain. MA thesis. Waterloo, ON: University of Waterloo