Alyshia D. Bestard
Honours B.A (Sociology)
B.Ed. (Education)
M.A. (Sociology)
PhD Candidate (Sociology)

industry writing samples

1.  Read my "current" blog on blogspot.

2.  "Bigger Loser Corporate Newsletter" - A 6-week newsletter I designed for our @work weight loss challenge in 2015.
Week 1        Week 4
Week 2        Week 5
Week 3        Week 6

3.  See all of my work-related BLOG posts at "Things Engraved" from 2013-2016.

university research samples 

Exploring How Parents Structure Their Children’s Out-of-School Time - PhD Dissertation Proposal (November 2011)

Assessing the Criteria of Virtual Community SOC 789-Sociology of Online Community (June 2009)

What Motivates Students to Pursue Higher Education? SOC 712-Sociology of Education, McMaster University (April 2009)

Husting, Gaming, and Femaling: Examining the Validity of the Generic Social Process of Involvements - Sociology 714 (October 2008)

Bestard, Alyshia D. (2008) Feederism: an exploratory study into the stigma of erotic weight gain. MA thesis. Waterloo, ON: University of Waterloo